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New Version Available!

Version 1.0.802 is now available. If you have already installed UOTimer and need to upgrade Click here for the upgrade. Or download the full install here. Be sure to use the upgrade if you already have UOTimer, or the full install will overwrite your data files.
New features include:
  • Clicking on the character name in the list will automaticly display the times.
  • The "Display All" button will open your default browser with a complete list of characters and times.
  • New Command Line Parameters. No more user interaction required to run. Simply modify the shortcut and add " -run" to the end of the exe file. Add " -silent" and UOTimer will load and minimized. You can even use your existing software to auto load UOTimer and start it. Look up UOAssist's help, or UOJournal Converter for details on how to set it up.
  • Faster processing. I have picked and probed every line of code to ensure the fastest execution times available.
With UOTimer you can see how much time you play on a spicific character on Ultima Online. This is great if you want to limit your time, see how much time you have left until you can join a guild or lose a murder count, or just see how often you play and what characters are used the most.


  • Start the program and click the "Add" button.
  • Enter the character you wish to track time on (spelling must be exact) and click "OK".
  • Now that you have a character, you need to set up the timer. Click on the "Timer Settings" button.
  • Set the timer interval to a reasonable limit. The faster your computer the smaller the limit you can pick. A smaller limit makes UOTimer very accurate.
  • Setting the timer should only be done once. This is the interval of time recorded so if you change from 30 seconds to 30 minutes your resulsts will change from 1 minute to 1 hour so find a limit that works for you and stick to it. One minute should be good for most computers.
  • Now click the "Save & Start" button and start playing Ultima Online as you usualy would.
  • Ok... Now that you've played for a while, you probably want to see how long. This is easy, just click your character name in the list and click the "Display Info" button.
  • The box on the right will show you your times so far.


  • You do not need to stop the timer to change characters or log off. UOTimer is not linked to Ultima Online in any way.
  • UOTimer is based on the window title bar of Ultima Online. You must have your character names display on the bar for UOTimer to work. This is done by default so you shouldn't have to worry about it.
  • The rest should be self explanitory. Any comments or requests can be emailed to me at