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Welcome to my programming page. I dont have much to show as of yet but I do want to post some links and recomendations for anyone wanting to learn the skill.
  • HTML - HTML 4 For the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro. One of the bets HTML books out there. A truely must have.
  • Javascript - I have purchased 6 javascript books and have yet to find a good one. Here's a help file to get you started. Javascript
  • VBScript - There is no use for this outside of training. But here's another help file for it. VBScript
  • DHTML - The best place for DHTML examples and effects. This place will shock and amaze you.
  • Java - This is the result of poor planing at it's best. Be warned, Java is NOT user friendly and will cause many headaches and drinking problems. I refuse to work with it myself, so I have little info to help you with it.
Someone once asked me how I made my banners for posting on message boards. Here it is...
Here's my first public freeware application. You will need Word 97 or later to run it, but I think it's a nice little program. I look forward to any comments or reqested improvements on this as well. It's basicly a quick way to use Word's spell checking functions without opening word. Hope you enjoy...Pocket Spell Checker

UOTimer is a nice addon to Ultima Online. This allows you to keep track of your gaming time fore each of your characters on your accounts.