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My Sword/Knife Collection

Welcome to my collection! I've love swords all my life, and since you cant cary them with you down the street, I like knives too. I guess it's part of my love for fantasy. I'd do anything to live in the middle ages (I hear internet access was cheap then). Enough with my ranting, on with the cool stuff.

This is one of my first knives. End to end it measures 7" with a 3" blade. One of the few knives in my collection that are legal. It has a clasp on the back of the blade to close the blade and the blade itself is rather thick. This makes it an incredable stong knife.

This is my favorite. Measuring 8" overall with a 3" blade edge. This one is a stiletto with a blade sharper than anything I've ever seen. The serrations stop half way up the blade and then the tappered edge curves out at the perfet angle. The tip is not sharpened on this one, but it's light weight and long handle can make up for that. Designed for cutting rather than piercing, this thing has style.

This one is very unique. Measuring 5" with a 2.5" blade. This knife folds up without an outer guard. Instead, it has a chiseled edge that rests against the clip so the blade edge is flush with the clip. Cool idea if you ask me.

The larges knife I have. Measuring 8.5" with a 3.5" blade. This thing may be big and bulky in length, but the width is astounding. The blade's widest poing measures only 3/16 of an inch, not bad for a blade 1" from edge to back. Definatly made for piercing, and is very good at it.

Small but effective. 15.5" with a 10.5" blade. Not exactly a sword but most warriors carried small daggers with them in case of emergency. This on is just a little more stylish than most.

My first real sword. Measures 32" with 20" blade. Although this is a sword, it's heavy handle and blade balance, mixed with the "sawed off" end, make this weild more like an axe. With a short blade and long handle, a fighter could put alot of strength and body weight into a swing. Not something you want to be on the recieving end on. It has a decorative look to it with the wodden scabbard wraped in snake's skin, and gold ends.

This one is just plain cool. 36" overall and a 26" blade. This has a very uncommon trait to it. It's light weight. This makes it and easy controled single handed weapon. With a waved blade like that it needs a leather scabbard. A very cool addition.

A truely elegant blade. 38.5" with a 28" curved blade. Braided handle and gold hilt make this one a very nice looking blade. An emblem etched with vines is wraped within the handle, witch is unique with this type of blade. Most samurai swords have a dragon inside, a symbol of luck and prosperity.

What collection would be complete without a katana. 38" overal and a 28" blade. So authentic looking you'd swear it was used in Japan thousands of years ago. A simple design, braided with leather on the handle and scabbard. One of my favorites.

This is a rather diferent ninja style sword. 34" overall with both ends ending in a 10.5" blade. I'm more of a fencer myself so I'm not quite sure how to use this one. A very cool design, I've wanted to pull a Crocodile Dundee move with it with some punk with a switchblade ever since I got it. Not sure if anything could be funnier.

Not the end by a long shot. As soon as I add more to my collection, I'll post them here. I cant wait to have a study room someday to display them in. Untill then, this will have to do.