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02/05/01 9:00 pm
Ultima Online
06/26/01 5:00 pm
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08/08/01 1:00 am
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Welcome to my site. This is actualy my second website, so I hope I do better with this one than the last. I'm posting alot of programming information here to show off my talents. Speekning of programming, with browser wars still in full swing, IE and Netscape still have not decided on a common DHTML interface. So I picked the IE version for most of this site. If you are using Netscape, I recomend changing to Internet Explorer. Microsoft is a big and welthy company and can afford alot of hit men :^), so I dont think Netscape will be able to keep up for much longer. But, untill they go under, I'll be working to make this site work with Netscape.

You can use the Site Map to the left to browse the site.
You'll find my personal information, photos, skills, hobbies, etc... in the Personal Info pages.
Ultima Online is a great game. I have lots of info, and tips along with some links and my game charicters and guild info.
I keep every link to outside sites that I use in this site listed in the Links section. It's a great place for some good sites and info.
Go to the Programming Info section to see some cool DHTML, VB, and other code samples.
I hope you enjoy the site and visit here often.